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    Frame Material Guide

    Find the perfect material for your frame:

    Selecting material for your frame plays a viral role in providing protection, luxury and fashion. There are various materials available, which can be used for different functionality, style and comfort. Each one of these materials of frames have different ranges of prices with different pros and cons.

    Metal is the most commonly material found on the frames of the sunglasses. It is used widely because metals are more pliable, more protective from corrosion, and more adjustable, also easy to design different shapes and sizes. Mostly metal frames are quite expensive and cannot be used for sports.

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    Plastic material(usually Acrylic or Polyurethane) can be widely found on the sunglasses and frames, as they are more cheaper than other available frame materials. Looking for something that fits your budget? Then plastic is the good option.

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    Acetate is one of the form of plastic, not exactly same but different. Comparably acetate frames are more stronger, more versatile and weightless. Color can be embedded within the acetate material, which is the main reason to find large variety of colors in these frames.

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    Nylon material is mostly used in designing frames for sports. Nylon frames are really flexible, much more resistant. Nylon frames are weightless, less expensive and stronger when compared with other frame materials like metal.

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    Titanium are the most expensive material for frames, but definitely it does worth. Titanium frames are much stronger, lighter and also hypo-allergenic. Frames made from titanium, doesn’t rust and it can be used for years comfortably. Titanium material is usually found in big brands.

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    Poly-carbonate material frames are durable, made of good plastic, provides safety. Mostly used by sportsperson and glasses for safety. Though poly-carbonate frames are versatile, they are more likely to be hard in nature. If you an active lifestyle or small children that require frames that won’t break easily than poly-carbonate is a good option.

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    If you still have any problem finding correct material for your frame, our customer service will be happy to help you.

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