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    Contact Lens – Care Guide


    It is safe to wear a contact lenses, millions of people uses contact lens daily. Though it is safe still there will always be a risk of eye-infection. There are various reasons that might lead to the infection of your eyes:

    • Extended use of lenses.
    • Low tear exchange.
    • Natural factors.
    • Poor hygiene.

    Eye infections can be prevented if all the lens care guidelines are followed, provided by the doctor. It doesn’t takes more than few minutes to clean your contact lenses(reusable) to keep your eyes healthy.

    Follow these easy steps at the end of your day to clean and care your lens.

    • Always wash your hands with soap or liquid hand-wash, before removing your contact-lenses or before touching you eyes, contact-lenses, lens-case. Then rinse and dry them with a lint-free towel.
    • While cleaning your reusable contact lenses,  gently rub the lens back and forth with your fingers, then rinse your lens thoroughly with solution.
    • Always use prescribed solution to rinse your contact lens, don’t use water and leave the lens-case open to dry.
    • Clean both the containers of your lens-case with disinfecting solution, we suggest you to replace your contact lens case regularly(every month). Do not use cracked or damaged lens cases.
    • Whenever you put in or remove your contact lens, begin with the same eye. This will help you from mixing them up.
    • Remove or wear your contact-lenses according to the schedule prescribed by your eye care professional.
    • Whenever you remove your contact lenses, don’t forget to clean them immediately.
    • Avoid making contact with the water while wearing your contact-lenses, even if you are going into a hot tub.
    • Never store or rinse your contact lenses with tap-water or sterile-water.
    • After finishing with the process of cleaning, close the lens-case and leave your contact-lenses to soak overnight.

    Care guide for your contact lens solution:

    • Do not re-use old or “top off” solution in your lens case.
    • Never transfer contact lens solution into a small size travel containers. This can affect the sterility of the solution, which can lead to an eye infection.
    • Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use. Handle the tip of the bottle carefully, do not allow it to come in contact with any surface.
    • If the lenses are stored in a case over an extended period of time, check for the instructions for both the lenses and  solution to confirm if re-disinfecting the contact-lenses is appropriate before you wear them. If the lenses were stored for 30 days or more, DO NOT wear them without re-disinfecting your contact-lenses.

    Most of the experts suggests, if use contact lenses infrequently then you should consider using single-use daily disposable lenses. For further information about lens care, refer your contact lens solution instruction guide.