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    Guide to Different Colors of Contact Lenses

    Color contact lenses are a great way to switch up your look and add a touch of style to your eyes. With so many colors, styles, and designs available, you can easily find a pair that complements and enhances your eye color. This guide can help you choose the perfect color contact lenses for a style statement.


    When choosing color contact lenses, it’s important to first decide whether you want prescription or non-prescription lenses. Prescription lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, while non-prescription lenses are mainly used to change the eye color but don’t correct any vision problems. Once you decide which type of lens suits your individual needs, you can then pick the right color for your style statement.

    Lens Safety

    It is vital to obtain a prescription for any kind of contacts, even those only worn for cosmetic reasons. They will need to be fitted specifically to your eyes.

    Even if you don’t need your vision corrected with prescription contacts or eyeglasses, you will need to get a special prescription from an eye doctor in order to use colored contacts. These are still medical devices that are going to be placed into your eyes. It is important to make sure they are comfortable and will fit your eyes specifically.

    Only buy colored contacts from an FDA-approved retailer. Do not buy them from a street or fair vendor, a beauty salon, a novelty store, or an internet retailer that does not ask for a prescription. Anyone selling colored contacts that does not ask for a prescription is doing so illegally, and these lenses may not be safe to wear.

    In order to avoid possible complications, an optometrist will need to ensure that the prescription and sizing of colored contacts are right for you.

    Follow all directions regarding your color contacts. Use them on the specific wear schedule and replace them as directed. If they are daily disposable lenses, for example, be sure to take them out each night and replace them with new ones each morning.

    Only use the contact solution designed for your lenses. Store them as recommended by the manufacturer.

    Discuss your options for colored contacts with your optometrist. Only wear lenses that are prescribed for you directly.

    Colored contacts can be a fun way to change up your look. They can be safe when used exactly as prescribed.