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    . If you are looking for extended wear contacts with long-lasting comfort and hydration, these premium monthly lenses are for you!


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    Biofinity Contact Lenses

    Biofinity is the premium brand of contact lenses produced by CooperVision. All Biofinity contacts have a monthly replacement schedule and feature Biofinity Aquaform technology, which provides the best possible comfort. Biofinity lenses are unique because of the extremely high oxygen permeability and high water content of Biofinity Comfilcon A material.
    Biofinity by CooperVision are an excellent choice if you´re looking for high-quality monthly contacts for a good price. Another advantage is that wearing Biofinity lenses overnight is approved by the manufacturer; however, you should consult with your optician before sleeping in lenses.

    Our best Biofinity contacts online

    Biofinity Contacts and Biofinity XR lenses are monthly contact lenses for nearsightedness and farsightedness. Biofinity multifocal They are designed for the correction of presbyopia and Biofinity toric will ensure perfect vision for people suffering from higher levels of astigmatism.