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    Acuvue Oasys With Transitions – Pack of 6

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    Acuvue Oasys with Transitions is the first-of-its-kind* contact lens that quickly adjusts from clear to dark, and back, in response to changing light to provide all-day soothing vision.

    Why buy Acuvue Oasys with Transitions contact lenses

    Acuvue Oasys with Transitions is the leading bi-weekly disposable? prescription contact lens. These are first-of-its-kind? contact lenses built with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology from?Acuvue that seamlessly adapts to changing the light to provide an all-day soothing vision. Acuvue Oasys with Transitions contacts reduces haloes and starbursts at night and provides crisp, clear vision.?Acuvue Oasys with Transitions helps with up to five seconds faster recovery of your vision from bright light.

    Acuvue Oasys with Transitions is designed to offer the highest level of UV protection in contact lenses and is part of the? Acuvue Oasys family of contact lenses. Other contact lenses in this brand include:

    Acuvue Oasys Transitions contact lens is built with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology to reduce the stressful impact that light can have on your eyes.

    Acuvue Oasys with Transitions lenses adjusts to challenging light environments, such as when playing sports, working under uncomfortable office lighting, or adjusting our eyes to digital screens or TVs.

    How does it look in my eye? Does it get dark?

    The lenses become darker when activated by UV and/or HEV light. They were specifically designed to provide patient benefits while minimizing the change to the appearance of the eye. While outdoors, the level of activation is always changing in response to the light, so in most situations, the lens isn’t in the darkest state. These lenses also fade back to clear quickly when you come inside.4

    Is this new lens offering a sunglasses replacement? Can you use them with sunglasses?

    Acuvue Oasys with Transitions is not intended to be used as a replacement for sunglasses. However, they can be worn with non-prescription sunglasses. While these lenses do provide UV protection to the areas they cover, other parts of the eye and surrounding areas are still exposed to UV light. Sunglasses help to protect the entire eye.

    Does the lens activate in indoor light or only outdoor UV light?

    The lens activates in both indoor and UV light. Even when this lens appears clear, it is working and adapting to different lighting conditions.

    Does it work behind the windshield?

    While photochromic lenses react to UV light, car windshields block nearly 100% of UV light. It is important to note that Acuvue Oasys with Transitions is not a replacement for sunglasses, but they can be worn with non-prescription sunglasses.

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