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Air Optix Night & Day – 1 box 3 lenses

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Air Optix contact lenses by Alcon are known for their comfort and oxygen permeability through the use of silicon hydrogel technology. Air Optix contact lenses includes weekly, monthly, multifical & toric disposable lenses.

Busy lives call for special medical contact lenses, and with Air Optix Night & Day, your lenses are the last thing you have to worry about. Created with patented technology that lets your eyes breathe even with continuous wear, Air Optix Night & Day has been approved for up to 30 days of constant use.

It’s critical that our eyes have access to oxygen for optimal health, and these contact lenses offer the best chance for that above any other brand. Recommended most for individuals who often sleep in their lenses, Air Optix Night & Day is an ideal way to make the most of your eye care. Your vision will be clear and your eyes will feel great during any time of the day or night

Important information for AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA contact lenses

AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA lenses are indicated for vision correction for daily wear (worn only while awake) or extended wear (worn while awake and asleep) for up to 30 nights. Relevant Warnings: A corneal ulcer may develop rapidly and cause eye pain, redness or blurry vision as it progresses. If left untreated, a scar, and in rare cases loss of vision, may result. The risk of serious problems is greater for extended wear vs. daily wear and smoking increases this risk.

Relevant Precautions

Not everyone can wear for 30 nights. Approximately 80% of wearers can wear the lenses for extended wear. About two-thirds of wearers achieve the full 30 nights continuous wear.

Side Effects

In clinical trials, approximately 3-5% of wearers experience at least one episode of infiltrative keratitis, a localized inflammation of the cornea which may be accompanied by mild to severe pain and may require the use of antibiotic eye drops for up to one week. Other less serious side effects were conjunctivitis, lid irritation or lens discomfort including dryness, mild burning or stinging.


Contact lenses should not be worn if you have: eye infection or inflammation (redness and/or swelling); eye disease, injury or dryness that interferes with contact lens wear; systemic disease that may be affected by or impact lens wear; certain allergic conditions or using certain medications (ex. some eye medications).

Additional Information

Lenses should be replaced every month. If removed before then, lenses should be cleaned and disinfected before wearing again. Always follow the eye care professional’s recommended lens wear, care and replacement schedule

Air Optix

Welcome to Air Optix contact lenses by Alcon. For wearers looking for dependable and simple contact lens experience without comprising the quality and comfort, Air Optix is the best choice for you!

Manufactured by Alcon, Air Optix brand of contact lenses are specifically designed for comfort and convenience. With their advance TriComfort Technology, you can enjoy the maximum breathability keeping the moisture of your eyes and resists any protein deposits around and under the contact lens.

We can provide contact lenses for customers who are nearsighted (myopia) or farsighted (hyperopia), for those who need multifocal lenses (presbyopia) and of course toric lenses for astigmatism prescriptions. Air Optix contact lenses on opticsonline.ae are available in monthly disposable:

Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde – formerly known as Air Optix Aqua contact lenses, this newly improved product with smartshield technology can provide longer-lasting comfort, moisture and deposit protection to enjoy convenience all day.

Air Optix for Astigmatism – specifically designed for people with astigmatism prescription, Air Optix is a great choice if you work long hours in front of your screen. It has a high feature of oxygen permeability giving less pressure in your eyes in comparison to traditional astigmatism contact lenses.

Air Optix Multifocal – reading small to fine print can be annoying with your thick frame glasses but not anymore with Air Optix Multifocal contact lenses. This multifocal contact lenses offers consistent vision with smooth and convenience feature regardless of what you’re focusing on.

Air Optix Night & Day – if you find taking out your contact lenses at the end of the day is inconvenient, Air Optix Night & Day may be the one for you. These contact lens has the most oxygen transmission than any other soft contact lenses brands for extended wear in the market.

Air Optix Colors – Air Optix Colors are breathable colored contact lenses manufactured using the advance 3-in-1 print and smart shield technology. Available in 9 different colors, you can change your eye color instantly from subtle to vibrant shades.

Air Optix contact lenses are popular throughout the US, EU and UK and are becoming more popular in the UAE and other GCC countries. To ensure the fastest possible delivery, we aim to process your order within 24 hours of receipt. You can expect your delivery within 4-6 days, depending on your location. We use our preferred courier network to ship your Air Optix order to ensure fast delivery and the safe arrival of your package. For our UAE customers, we usually deliver Next Day and in Dubai can offer Same Day delivery if your order is received before 11:00pm (subject to availability). Our customer service team are available 24×7, happy to answer any of your delivery or product related questions. You can contact us via phone (+971 (0)43 791 791) email (admin@opticonline.ae) or live chat.

Opticsonline.ae offers express worldwide shipping, delivery will vary depending on location within UAE delivery is 1-2 days with Rest of World 4-7 days.

Upon receiving your order our process starts, our trained team at opticsonline.ae will pick your Air Optix contact lenses, they will be double checked and then packed with care in our specially designed reusable box. Our packaging is designed to be robust enough to ensure that your contacts arrive in perfect condition, can be reused as you like, folds flat for storage or if you prefer can be easily disposed. We are constantly working to improve our packaging design to reduce waste and ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition. We would love your feedback on our packaging and delivery service, you can share your feedback here (admin@opticsonline.ae)

Air Optix contact lenses are designed to meet your comfort, convenience and quality requirements. Available in monthly replacement as frequency, it must be taken out at the end of the day and must be stored until next day if they are contact lenses. Air Optix Night & Day are designed as extended or continuous wear for up to a 29 nights/ 30 days but we highly recommend you to take them out regularly to clean and hydrate them using contact lens solution

As a general point, wearing your contact lenses for longer may cause your eyes to become uncomfortable, red and is a risk to eye infection. If you experience any discomfort when wearing your lenses, you should immediately take them out, give them a thorough clean using a contact lens solution and even consider replacing if discomfort persists. If they still feel uncomfortable, take them out and visit your eye doctor. Your eye doctor will be able to provide you with tailored advice on how long to wear your medical lenses for each day.

We at opticsonline.ae are always aiming to provide the maximum value and fastest shipping at the cheapest price. Furthermore, we offer free delivery and free worldwide shipping.

Yes, Air Optix brand has launched colored contacts lens line called Air Optix Colors. It is available in nine different shades ranging from subtle to vibrant to change your eye color instantly without compromising the comfort level and quality.
We receive our stocks of all contact lens brands from the manufacturers or their authorized distributors so in this case we receive all our stocks from the authorized distributor of Air Optix.